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    A few weeks ago I had read about a band called the Essence who were active during the 80s and early 90s and all I read was "they sound like the Cure". I feel like most of the time the description "they sound like..." is extremely reductive, but in this case the band sounds EXACTLY like the Cure.

    "The Waving Girl":

    There are a couple of bands that veer way too close to one primary influence (required mention of Interpol, but does anyone remember how much She Wants Revenge also sounded like Ian Curtis with Hot Fuss-era The Killers as the background band?), but the Essence are fucking ridiculous in their xeroxing of a peer (who was still active at the same time, it wasn't like the Cure weren't available). I don't think anyone really cares about this band now, they don't even have an English language Wikipedia page, which says a lot.

    Are there any others acts you can think of that are way too influenced by one act? No juggalo related acts please.
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    I think the Essence thing is so obvious and bothersome because the Cure is rather distinctive.

    There are a lot of dance-pop acts out there that sound very much like other dance-pop acts, and no one raises and eyebrow. It makes sense that you try to copy the most successful formula of your era. The thing was, in 1985 the Cure did not have the most financially successful formula of their era. So the copy really stands out.

    I am more interested in whether the members of the Essence decided to copy the Cure formula, or whether their record label found a group of people, put them together, and instructed them to copy the Cure.

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