is this a good idea of starting a pro recording Studio

Discussion in 'Building A Studio All Budgets' started by John Norton, May 31, 2017.

  1. John Norton

    John Norton New Member

    hello guys,
    My question is me and my friend are thinking to start a pro recording studio, is this a good idea? I need your best sugesstions. If you think we should start one then please tell me also which things should I need to buy for a budget of 10,000$.
    John Norton.
  2. Robert M Leigh

    Robert M Leigh New Member

    I would say starting a business with your friends or relatives is a big mistake. I want you to think about it once again, but still at the end if you want to start Here's some pricing to give you some ideas as what you're competition on the PRO level has:
    Genelec 1035's - $15,000
    Drawmer 1969ME - $3000 ea
    1176's - $1600 ea
    Grace 101 - $570 ea
    LA2A's - $2600 ea
    Digi002 - $1200
    Dangerous 2-Bus - $3000
    UM75 - $5000
    4038 - $1500

    And this list goes on and on and dollars go up and up and up.

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