I'm keep on losing combo while scratching need help!

Discussion in 'DJ's Wiki Wiki' started by Shirley Wharton, May 30, 2017.

  1. Shirley Wharton

    Shirley Wharton New Member

    Hello Friends,
    When I'm scratching in medium and hard. I keep losing the combo even though. I'm still holding the button and moving my hand back and forth. It's really annoying! I'll hit the start of a perfect area correctly, and the the start of a long scratch but then in the middle of the scratch I just lose it for no reason and I don't get the Euphoria. It's really marring my enjoyment as I feel it's not my fault.

    I've tried scratching slower, faster, smoother but nothing is working please help.

    waiting for your kind suggestions friends :)
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  2. RayVMuller

    RayVMuller New Member

    Shirley, you might need a new controller. To make sure if it's your controller rewind glitch go to the menu or something and spin your platter back like you are doing a rewind. Make sure you spin it fast so you can tell for sure. You would know while it's spinning on its own, the buttons will randomly press.
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  3. Shirley Wharton

    Shirley Wharton New Member

    Ray I've tried your suggestion of spinning the platter in the menu screen and it does start to randomly enter screens and stuff - I guess it isn't supposed to do that? I think I'll take it back to store and see if they can replace it. Hope they don't just offer a refund as it was only 30$.
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  4. Mary

    Mary New Member

    You can also check the rewind bug go into any song, rewind as hard as you can, and look to see if all three buttons are pressed at the same time on screen. It will almost always show up when the buttons go past the normal left position. Even if Activision bilks you on it, you can pick up another for not too much they are not much expensive.

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