Analog has no comparsion

Discussion in 'All Analog Recording All The Time' started by alina aleem, May 31, 2017.

  1. alina aleem

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    analog rocks,,,,!
  2. chromemike

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    I've still got HDP3-300 which is a version 3 based model that has 4 Hypex amplifiers built into it for tweeters and mid-range drivers.

    Running active as part of the Legend Big Red package with some SVS sub woofers also placed in.

    I assume you want two units to run subs an as part of 4 way system.

    Of course you can run subs/bass modules with one DEQX unit as part of a 3 way system.

    I only run a single digital input via co-axial from a HTPC.
  3. Austin Goodwing

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    So if I had to really think about it, one of my few real hobbies is listening to music and digesting as much as possible. Starting at the beginning of this year, I've been listening to a new decade every month; January/February was the 60's, March/April 70' get the picture.

    I'm currently on the 80's and I fucking LOVE the 80's. I've gotten most of the big smash hits and smaller one hit wonders, plus a few obscure New Wave songs totaling only about 300 songs. What are some recommend must have songs and some lesser known songs and albums by big hit artists? I'm already burnt out because video games, movies, TV, and the radio overplays the 80's pretty often.

    Literally anything would be appreciated!

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